Anything and everything  informs the work I make;  The pattern of replaying an unpleasant interaction with my downstairs neighbor. The way water tastes on a really humid day. The texture of the roof of my mouth after drinking a cup of coffee. The distinct smell of my girlfriends apartment that I don’t like or dislike but that just feels familiar. The FaceTime call with my ex where there was  so much I wanted to say but nothing came out. The uncomfortable itch to roll a cigarette or mindlessly scroll through Instagram. Reading a short story and imagining what the authors voice sounds like. Getting out of the city and being deeply aware of the sound of nothing.

The challenge for me is to tune into these subtleties,  to linger on them long enough that they can then transfer onto the canvas/paper. This process of painting has become more interesting and informative than the painting itself.  Gestures, forms and colors I naturally gravitate towards give me some insight into whats going on inside. This  stream of consciousness painting forces me to follow my gut instinct, to listen more intuitively, and has become a way of documenting the rhythm of the way my mind moves, like an alternative form of meditation.

Some of my processes that have evolved in my painting practice include repurposing old watercolor paintings into collages, which helps me to see from a  different perspective.  Incorporating found fabrics and materials  lets me reconnect with a moment in time and make it permanent. It’s part of ongoing process of training myself to be more present, absorbing feelings and sensations as if they’re colors becoming more and more saturated.

A graduate of Roger Williams University with a BFA in Visual Arts, Meredith is currently working as an Art Teacher at Immaculate Conception school in the Lower East Side, a Teaching Artist with Wingspan Arts’ after school program and Private Picasso’s ‘mobile art studio’.