My abstract paintings are aimed towards connecting with basic instinct and finding balance. In a way, I am surrendering myself to the material, and letting it guide me wherever it goes. This process is my method of documenting the rhythm of the way my mind moves, as well as a form of meditation. Each color selection, gestural motion and line development is governed by personal intuition, and influenced by my admiration for the expressive playfulness in kids’ art making.

My objective as an observational artist is to connect with humanity. I believe that portraiture is a method of showing empathy. The process of drawing/painting others is aimed at capturing their spirit and taking a moment in their life and making it permanent. This process also allows me to reflect on my own sense of self, thus informing my abstract work.

In my illustrations, my aim is to make the day-to-day vibrant and permanent. I have always gotten pleasure from absorbing the visual delights of the world and recording them on paper.

“Almost a cross between calligraphy and abstraction” or “a fusion of gestural colors and line elements” is how Karen Santry, Fashion Institute of Technology professor describes my work.

A graduate of Roger Williams University with a BFA in Visual Arts, Meredith continued her studies at FIT. She is currently working as a teaching artist with Wingspan Arts’ after school program and Private Picasso’s ‘mobile art studio’.  She was born, raised and continues to reside in Brooklyn, NY.